decorative pillow

Over a decade ago, with tidal wave speed, austere contemporary interiors took over the land of interior design fashion.  However, as of late, homey, colorful and even pattern layering is once again on radar .  This pillow might be over the top for some, but can’t imagine it not bringing delightfulness to most, even if only seen in a closet.

3D rendering 2

to add to my  previous post …before/between/after pictures of a completed project in Vail, Colorado

photograph on left or 1st (depending on your screen) is a before picture

middle or 2nd is a computerized rendering  (presented this to my client to show what the space could look like)

all the way right or 3rd is the after photograph



3D rendering

3D rendering, has had significant advances in realistic effects in the past few years. This type of rendering has become an essential tool for communicating the look and function of a proposed space.

This concept rendering is an interior perspective of an accessory structure that will, in the future, be a guest house and office for our client.  My draftsman is in process of drawing in the kitchen and furnishings I designed for the space.