Chaise Lounge and Drapery Length




I wrote a few weeks ago about incorporating chaise lounges into the interior design of a living room…  So, when I came across this stunning chaise from Plum furniture, I couldn’t wait to share.  It is so graceful in its scale and proportions.  Just lovely!

As a side note,  observe the drape’s length.  When a drapery is made an inch longer than the floor it creates a nice break (or rest) like shown above.

When designing drapery length there are no set rules.  I approach each space differently.   Style, length, consideration for ceiling height, furniture placement and function all come in to play.

Not in Denver Interior Design


Carousel_RomansNew1There are many faces of European interior design.  Palaces to farmhouses to urban boutique hotels to pied-a-terre – its a big spectrum.   Their rustic is more complicated and their contemporary more modern and neither seen much in the States

Pictured is one of the many styles that was incubated in Europe. The style is hard to pinpoint, not eclectic, not quite contemporary, historical, organic yet chilly.

The father of this style is the French interior designer, Christian Liaigre       

(this is not a Christian Liagigre designed space)

Taken in Holland



Visual Comfort Lighting


Visual Comfort Lighting is a company that manufactures and sells lighting.  It is my go to company for basic, any room lamps, chandeliers, sconces etc. The line is well priced and in most cases, the quality exceeds the price.

Many retail stores throughout the Denver area carry Visual Comfort. Their online store is

Pictured above is the floor lamp entitled Aspen Floor Lamp.  It has whimsey characteristics and would fit into many interior design styles.

It comes in a silver finish as well as the gold shown.

When it comes to interior design I don’t believe the same metal color/finish has to be matched through out the home. Therefore,  if your door hardware and plumbing fixtures are brushed nickel its fun to throw in a gold or copper piece.

Holly Hunt Studio Siren Counter Stool



Hand it to Holly Hunt to make a bar stool that is simple and clean but not short on personality.  It is also terrifically comfortable. The continuous molded leather offers nice support. The design is slick but warm and would work in many different interior design styles.

This picture is of one of our interior design projects in Denver.

Before and After Interior Design





I find 3-d drawings so helpful when communicating my interior designs to a client.

We are doing the interior design for a remodel of a condominium building.  On top above is a “before” picture and above is a rendering of what this condominium building’s entrance will look like post remodel.

A lot can be achieved with new flooring, tile, paint and lighting!

My favorite thing is the over sized stone tiles I planned for the far wall.  I specified it to mimic the mesas outside.

LED sconce




I have pictures of this beautiful sconce called the Damselfly made by Ochre, on my bulletin board in the office.

I look at it often because it reminds me that well designed objects transcends style.  This sconce would look fantastic in a room of any interior design style.

It is lovely in their satin nickel finish too.


Adventures of a Chaise Lounge



Above is a stunning chaise lounge that was designed by the late, great, French interior designer: Andree Putman.  It is sold through Ralph Pucci Galleries.

Chaise Lounges are not for every home nor everybody.  The decision to put one in one’s living room requires thinking about seating and interior design in a different way.

I have a chaise in my living room and it works well for working on my laptop, reading, relaxing or as an extra seat (bench style) during a party.  I find it comfortable for private time but I don’t sit on it the traditional way when I have company over.

However, over the years, I have joyfully observed friends go right to it and plop on it, legs up.  It sparks free spiritedness and youthfulness in them.

Decorating for Spring

Springtime decorating .



I look forward to spring colors every year.  For me, its not entirely about being warmed out of the cold, but rather my love for colors perky and fresh.

However, come August I will blog of my joy of a rich and dark color palette.  Ahhhh the circle of interior decorating.

Artisitic Tile







Canopy by Artistic Tile is my new favorite tile!

A 3 dimensional, 16″ x 16″  hand carved stone tile.    It reminds me of Japanese woodblock printing.

In the last decade tile has gotten more intricate and can be works of art.  Great tiles make any interior design look great.