The Forbidden City, Beijing

In the 90’s, it was popular in the US to paint text and phrases on walls.  It was surprising and intriguing to me, the frequency I viewed the technique in historical Chinese interiors,architecture and art.  I took both photographs inside the Forbidden City, Beijing.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

I learn so much from traditional Japanese architecture.  I snapped this picture of the Imperial Palace, it demonstrates a unique and brilliant architecture that beautifully juxtaposes rustic and formal materials – an earthiness with proud reverence.  


For me, a bridge evokes many emotions, awed by its beauty and intelligence and romanticized by the notion of fear and adventure.   I snapped this picture of the Astoria-Megler, a steel girder continuous bridge (extra awe) that spans the Columbia river between Oregon and Washington.  Currently, it’s the opening screen on my laptop.