Nancy Sanford’s interior design BLOG

Here are my photos and musings about interior design subjects in Colorado and beyond.

3D rendering 2

to add to my  previous post ...before/between/after pictures of a completed project in Vail, Colorado photograph on left or 1st (depending on your screen) is a before picture middle or 2nd is a computerized rendering  (presented this to my client to show what the...

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3D rendering

3D rendering, has had significant advances in realistic effects in the past few years. This type of rendering has become an essential tool for communicating the look and function of a proposed space. This concept rendering is an interior perspective of an accessory...

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door hardware

Such a comfortable door knob, the slope makes gripping and turning easy.  Custom doors are great fun to design too.  

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The Forbidden City, Beijing

In the 90's, it was popular in the US to paint text and phrases on walls.  It was surprising and intriguing to me, the frequency I viewed the technique in historical Chinese interiors,architecture and art.  I took both photographs inside the Forbidden City, Beijing.

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Kyoto Imperial Palace

I learn so much from traditional Japanese architecture.  I snapped this picture of the Imperial Palace, it demonstrates a unique and brilliant architecture that beautifully juxtaposes rustic and formal materials - an earthiness with proud reverence.  

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For me, a bridge evokes many emotions, awed by its beauty and intelligence and romanticized by the notion of fear and adventure.   I snapped this picture of the Astoria-Megler, a steel girder continuous bridge (extra awe) that spans the Columbia river between Oregon...

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